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Rosemary Bechler

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor at openDemocracy

A tale of two bombers

A raid on ISIS affiliates in Libya exposes cosmic waste – and stupidity.

The NHS proves there’s always been an alternative

Britain’s health service celebrates its 70th birthday in a precarious position. But we can do better.

The last European Council meeting in June

It symbolises all that is wrong both in the Brexit strategy of the British government and the EU decision-making process.

‘Blatantly xenophobic’ and ‘shameful’ anti-refugee laws are passed by new Hungarian government, says UN

Hungary is at the forefront of delivering nativist and xenophobic laws that target refugees, migrants, and those that assist them. But the state is only a canary in the coal mine.

New UK counter-terror strategy lacks a coherent approach to conflict overseas

The UK’s updated counter terrorism strategy (CONTEST) acknowledges the links between terror threats in the UK and conflict overseas. Yet it fails to apply the hard lessons from flawed efforts in recent years.

What does the government know about you - and have they got it right?

Personal data is now used not only to deliver but to deny services, so it's more important than ever to check what's on your records. Here's how.

What are Ukraine’s train drivers fighting for?

Ukraine’s rail workers are now entering the second month of their work-to-rule action. I went to a train depot in Kyiv to find out why they're protesting. 

What’s in a name: the Macedonian question and the social question

The Macedonian Question will be there for many years to come, easily manipulated by both imperialisms and nationalisms of all kinds.

Vote Leave is using media to bury bad news

The Electoral Commission is expected to find that Vote Leave broke electoral laws. Now Vote Leave is trying to set the media agenda before the report is released

Hodeida: prospects of humanitarian catastrophe brings Yemen back into the news

Was the decision to carry out the offensive in the summer, when living conditions are the worst for the population, specifically intended to worsen civilian suffering?

Am I the son of the Arab Aisha? Jokes in a mixed household

Our friendly teasing sometimes echoes nationalistic, sectarian and tribal prejudice. العربية

To honour campaigners of old, challenge injustices of today

The Government wants us to celebrate our democracy. What better way to do so than to demand fair and equal representation?

When will a woman lead Zimbabwe?

Despite repeated pledges to promote gender parity in politics, women are dramatically underrepresented among candidates for July's elections.

Why are so many people dying on probation in England and Wales?

Flawed ‘reforms’ and part-privatisation have created havoc in the probation service. Amid the chaos: a sharp rise in self-inflicted deaths.

A gendered approach for Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela is threatening women's rights. Teenage pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, illegal abortions and sterilization rates are all up. Español

In the era of artificial intelligence: safeguarding human rights

Today, it is all too easy for governments to permanently watch you and restrict the right to privacy, freedom of assembly, freedom of movement and press freedom.

6 Brexit myths – and why both Hard Brexiteers and Ultra Remainers are being un-British

What happened to British values of fair play, pragmatism and compromise?

The Migrant Quilt: re-stitching the fabric of community

Memory is the first form of resistance.

Owning the future: strategies for a democratic economy

Why new models ownership must be at the heart of our economic reimagining.

How to cure media amnesia

It's time to think about what kind of media we actually want. 

A war for hearts and minds: how Georgian civil society is putting Abkhazia and South Ossetia back on the agenda

Almost 10 years on from the 2008 war, Georgian civil society – both informal and formal – is increasingly engaging in the country’s breakaway territories. RU

Mo Salah, the revolution and Egypt’s defeat

The real trouble with Egypt is that it’s a place where hope never lives, but never truly dies. العربية

England expects

Philosophy Football’s Mark Perryman outlines what we can expect from the last 16 stage of the World Cup – and what we should hope for.

To save democracy the left must fight for both collective and individual freedoms

The first National Democracy Week launches amidst front page headlines warning of right wing coups. How should the left respond? 

Nicaragua's "parapolice" groups: could they turn criminal?

Armed “parapolice” groups have played a central role in the violent repression of opposition protesters in Nicaragua over the past several weeks. Español

Can Iran turn crisis into opportunity?

Iran is facing what is what is potentially the greatest existential threat it has faced since its inception in 1979.

Why criticisms of identity politics sound ridiculous to me

When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

Mexico: López Obrador wins. Now, the inequality challenge

The main problem in Mexico is inequality. The second biggest problem in the country is... inequality. Español

Highly skilled migrants are having their lives wrecked due to minor tax issues

Imagine being deported on implied terror-related grounds just because of a minor issue on your tax return. Will Sajid Javid sort out the scandal before it becomes the next Windrush?

The EU is killing our democratic spaces using copyright as a Trojan horse

DiEM25’s position on Copyright Reform: democratize technology instead of allowing it to be used as a giant censorship machine in the interest of big business.