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Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

Urgent: expose the Brexit dark money

openDemocracy has worked for two years exposing the dark money driving Brexit. We have many more leads to chase down. Please give what you can today – it makes a difference.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

The killing of Zak: the astonishing violence and impunity of Greek police

Police were seen hitting him with a baton, kicking him, stepping on him, and finally handcuffing him – while he appeared motionless. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

This is how anti-abortion propaganda gets into US cinemas

Amid open war on reproductive rights, anti-choice supporters of the new Gosnell film want it to change hearts and minds. Will they succeed?

Civil rights and voter suppression in the US

The rights of those whose citizenship is contested will not be guaranteed by appeals to loyalty and patriotism, but by social movements that are not bound by the state.

15M's social and political effects in Spain

General prospects for Spaniards are not promising, and, in many cases, worse than in 2011. So in what sense can it be said that after 15M, mentalities have changed?

Mimetic power: how Russia pretends to be a normal member of the international community


When it comes to promoting its influence abroad, the Russian state relies on mimicry and imitation.


Here’s why not everyone in fishing is excited about Brexit

It’s not the EU that’s breaking the UK’s small fishing fleets, it’s the big industry players. And Brexit could make that worse.

How the precariat – and UBI – can stop neoliberalism from destroying the planet

Taxes on exploiting the commons - both exhaustible and non-exhaustible resources - could be used to give people basic financial security.

The oppressiveness of creativity

Has capitalism co-opted our creative juices? A review of Oli Mould’s new book ‘Against Creativity.’

The budget offers the NHS scraps – and fails to see off the privatisers

There was little on offer in yesterday’s budget to meaningfully help struggling hospitals, health and social care services. So it's up to us to organise.

Now what? From political innovation to democratic resilience in Latin America

With the election of Bolsonaro and the consolidation of new paradigms, political action needs new strategies and perspectives focusing on democratic resilience. Español

الثقافة الشفوية الشعبية والطائفية، تحليل مادي

كيف يتم إنتاج واستبقاء الطائفية وبواسطة من؟ ولأية أسباب؟ English

Opposing labour market Uberculosis

Uber is appealing the ruling that its drivers deserve workers’ rights. Meanwhile its drivers show strike action is possible against ‘platform capitalism’.

The 'Big Four' and the UK government: too close for comfort

In the 'Big Four' accountancy investigations, can independent regulators bite the hand on which central government feeds? 

Mark Zuckerberg’s dilemma – what to do with the monster he has created?

Facebook seems surprised that its monopolistic platform has been weaponised by political actors. So who's going to tackle the perfect storm, asks John Naughton?

#CaravanaMigrante: 5 keys to understand the phenomenon challenging Trump

The humanitarian crisis provoked by thousands of migrants that dream of obtaining asylum in the US has the entire region at crossroads. Español

England – the nation that is not to be named?

Where once politicians spoke of England when they meant Britain, they now speak of Britain when they mean England.

A message to progressives delivered in Rome: ground zero of the European crisis

DiEM25 will contest the European elections in Italy, with a European programme offering a coherent alternative to the implicit but destructive alliance between the oligarchic establishment and Salvini’s nationalism.

Can politics ever be compassionate?

To turn towards suffering and make that the centerpiece of your decisions takes guts and determination. Español

Showing fear in Brazil

As a gay man, a lawyer, a human rights activist, who directly acted to obtain justice in the crimes of the military dictatorship, I am undoubtedly one of the direct targets. Español Português

Brazil: 1964 X 2018. A parallel

What we do know is that Brazilian society allowed the military to intervene, calling it a necessary tactic to protect its beloved democracy, and the result was 21 years of dictatorship. Español Português

Brazil: the day after

Our Brazilian friends are going to be needing us, a lot, in the coming years. What is left of global civil society has to be prepared and give shelter to those under attack. Español Português

On movements and platforms… in defense of political parties

Ahead of the May 2019 European elections, liberal parties should not give in to the empty promises of movement politics, but must adapt to meet the needs of their voters.

Identity politics benefits the Right. But not for long?

Identity politics favours the political Right, since they are trying to win over a more homogenous group. Nowadays, as a result, the US eerily resembles Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Agora Europe disembarks in the UK

It is a paradoxical time in which it is possible to create a transnational, European anti-Europe league, but seemingly impossible to create a pro-European one. Time to talk.

Paging Mr Aaronovitch: The Radical Right doesn't need any more help from the mainstream

In case anyone doesn't know it yet, the Radical Right is scarcely without a platform.

Attacks on women's ministries are a threat to democracy

Women’s ministries in Brazil and beyond have been under attack from the right for years – foreshadowing wider threats to democracy.

Poland's left must offer a real alternative to break the right-wing deadlock

The decimated left faces a considerable challenge in distinguishing itself from the liberal opposition.

George Osborne’s Evening Standard under fire (again) over lucrative Uber deal

Exclusive: Politicians call on UK advertising watchdog to investigate paid-for content dressed up as news at London’s biggest paper, after glowing articles about the controversial taxi app firm appear – but with no mention of sponsorship in hundreds of thousands of copies of the newspaper

The politics of artificial intelligence: an interview with Louise Amoore

Artificial intelligence, in settings as diverse as politics, commerce, policing and warfare, amplifies longstanding prejudices circumscribing access to the political public sphere, changing our relations to ourselves and others.

Why we should be wary of Brexiteers’ efforts to import more Australian meat

Behind the bucolic image of antipodean farming lies a darker tale.