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Andrew Hyde


About North Africa West Asia

North Africa, West Asia (NAWA) is a space for debate, analysis, and reporting reflecting the vibrant diversity of voices, cultures, and peoples in a region often reduced to a homogeneous whole. 

Stretching from Iran, to Mauritania, from Turkey to Sudan, our work sheds light on the interconnections and the shared struggles of the different peoples in this wide and ever changing area of the world. Our choice of name for our project – North Africa, West Asia – challenges the colonial frames through which this region is often perceived. NAWA means cores, centres, kernels, but it is also ‘to aim at’, ‘to intend’, and ‘to have a destination’. 

NAWA also hosts the Middle East Forum, a project that encourages emerging young voices to express themselves, exchange views and be heard. Check the MEF page here.

We want to build a constructive, compassionate and critical public sphere. Contact our editors here to discuss your ideas!

We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
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