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Why advertise with openDemocracy?

openDemocracy is a digital commons: a unique public service on the web that acts as a counter to the corporate media, championing human rights and seeking out and debating new forms of democratic change.

We have a loyal, returning audience and our growth in readership demonstrates the value that increasing numbers find in our digital commons. In the first half of 2014 an average of 380,000 visitors came to openDemocracy each month  - an increase of 80% when compared with the first six months of last year – with a core readership of 65,000 returning readers per month.

Our readers are knowledgeable and discerning. Our 2013 reader survey found that over 50% have a postgraduate degree and around 25% work in academia. They are also ‘influencers’: 33% describe themselves as activists; nearly 25% are journalists or writers; 18% say their work is about influencing policy-making and 6.5% are directly involved in the drafting of policy.  

Our readers come from over 200 countries and territories worldwide, with a 2014 geographical split of 40% UK, 22% Europe, 18% North America and 20% rest of the world.

What kind of advertising works in openDemocracy?

In the past year we’ve welcomed advertising from:

  • NGOs
  • Academic institutions
  • Think tanks
  • Human rights organisations
  • Book publishers (particularly those publishing in politics and international affairs)
  • Campaigning organisations (including those advocating for social justice, the environment, peace and international understanding)
  • Voluntary organisations
  • Organisations working in international development
  • With the strongly academic nature of our readership, openDemocracy is an ideal place to advertise academic courses, conferences and events. Given that many of our readers are influencers and activists we’re also a good venue for promoting progressive campaigns and causes.

    How can you advertise in openDemocracy?

    We offer two main routes for advertising:

    • eNews: the openDemocracy newsletter, which is delivered by email to over 20,000 readers each day, contains the latest articles and a space for text-based advertisements of around 50 words in length.
    • Banner advertising: We can offer site-wide banner advertising (728 x 90) above articles and a right column advertising space (300 x 250) on homepages, section pages and debate pages. This kind of advertising can be geographically targeted and we can provide you with click through rates after your campaign has finished.

    Advertising rates and contact information

    Rates for banner advertising for both the right hand column (300 x 250) and space above articles (728 x 90) start at £20 per 1,000 impressions. Files for banner advertising should be provided at these dimensions in either gif, jpg, jpeg or png format, with Swf Flash and Shockwave animations also acceptable.

    eNews advertising is typically priced at £250 per week in the openDemocracy Daily Newsletter. eNews adverts are 50 words of  text with relevant links. 

    To find out more above advertising, get in touch with Michael York and Andrew Hyde on

    Editorial partnerships

    We’re also keen to form editorial collaborations with likeminded partners producing content of interest to openDemocracy. Shorter-term editorial partnerships may be anchored by an event, conference or symposium you are holding, with openDemocracy providing the platform for introducing the material arising from this event to a wider audience. Longer-term partnerships are more strategic arrangements, in which we help you build an audience for your project.

    For more information about editorial partnerships see our Call for Editorial Partnerships 2014 and contact

    We encourage anyone to comment, please consult the
    oD commenting guidelines if you have any questions.