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Julian Stern

openDemocracy's Team


Editor-in-Chief: Mary Fitzgerald

Head of PartnershipsCathy Runciman

Editor: Rosemary Bechler

Head of Risk & Finance: Daniel Pablo Garay

Operations Manager: Emily Falconer

Managing Editor: Julian Richards

Social Media Editor: Sunny Hundal

Technical and Publishing Manager: Matthew Linares

Editorial Assistant: Adam Bychawski

Investigations Editor: Peter Geoghegan

 Founder: Anthony Barnett

North Africa West Asia editorial team: Rosemary Bechler, Aman al Bezreh, Walid el Houri

digitaLiberties editorial teamRosemary Bechler, Adam Bychawski, , Matthew Linares

Contributing Editor: Tony Curzon Price

Contributing Editor: Magnus Nome

Columnists: Dan Hancox, Mary Kaldor, Paul Rogers, Martin Rose, Markha Valenta, Vron Ware, James Warner

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EditorsAdam Ramsay and Laurie Macfarlane

Contributing Editors:

Oliver HuitsonJamie MackayStuart WeirLis HowellAnthony Barnett

Shine A Light

Editors: Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi and Clare Sambrook


Editor: Caroline Molloy


Editor: Charlotte Threipland

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Section Editor: Thomas Rowley 

Russian-language Editor: Mikhail Kaluzhsky

Translation Editor: Elizabeth Barnes

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Editor:  Claire Provost

Dialogue Editors:  Jennifer Allsopp (People on the Move), 

Design and Publishing:
Kadie Armstrong

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Editor: Mike Edwards

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EditorFrancesc Badia i Dalmases

Sub-EditorOleguer Sarsanedas

Beyond Trafficking and Slavery

Contributing Editors:

Genevieve LeBaron (University of Sheffield)

Prabha Kotiswaran (Kings College London)

Joel Quirk (University of Witwatersrand)

Gabriella Sanchez (University of Texas at El Paso)

Julia O'Connell Davidson (University of Bristol)

Sam Okyere (University of Nottingham)

Elena Shih (Brown University)

Cecily Jones

Neil Howard (University of Antwerp)

Cameron Thibos (openDemocracy)

Penelope Kyritsis (openDemocracy)


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Volunteer publishing team

We have a team of volunteers who help with article preparation and editorial research. 

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openDemocracy Board

Chair of the Board
David Elstein

Mary Fitzgerald

Director of Finance
Peter Johnson

Anthony Barnett

Rosemary Bechler

Technical Director & Contributing Editor
Tony Curzon Price

Non-executive Director
John Mills

Non-executive Director
Michael Mitchell

Non-executive Director
Turi Munthe

Non-executive Director
Magnus Nome

Non-executive Director
Elaine Potter

Non-executive Director
Susan Richards

Technical Advisory Board

Cory Ondrejka
Bill Thompson
Jonathan Zittrain

Technical Team

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