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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Jonathan Haidt: why I changed my mind about the value of school tests

The leading moral psychologist tells us about what led him to rethink a fundamental issue in education.

Corruption corrodes Kurdish education

Quality education from the outset can eradicate corruption, guarantee peaceful coexistence, and bring about social and economic justice.

Morocco: military service and education reform promise more repression

The reinstatement of compulsory military service in this context of growing tensions is meant to be used for social control.

Trapped on Brexit Island

How did we get here, and how do we escape? Transforming education would be a start.

Education and orientalist discourse

The topic of education fits neatly into the orientalist middle class rhetoric about the poor, ignoring its role as an instrument of class power and domination in an autocratic country like Egypt. 

The EU and the right to education in the West Bank

Education is a crucial component for a self-determined future but for Palestinians this future is hindered by the Israeli occupation.

The current and future challenges of Middle Eastern studies

In the wake of Trump's victory, what are the challenges for Middle Eastern studies in the US? And what should be the role of academics in the field?

What’s the point of education?

Can creativity survive in the climate of fear and coercion that’s emerging in our schools? 

Higher education reform in Algeria: reading between the lines

The LMD reforms have tied the fate of the Algerian higher education sector to European intellectual and economic development, reinforcing the neoliberal assault on higher education and on society at large.

Israel Firsters

For the past few months Israelis and Palestinians have experienced a wave of terrorist attacks mainly on civilian targets. Peace education may have an answer.

After the Paris attacks, what role for reforming education in the Middle East?

Recent terrorist attacks are an opportunity to push for crucial curriculum and educational reforms in Egypt and the Muslim world. 

Normalising bloodshed: education and the dreams of the Marshall

What are the people in Egypt forcing themselves to believe in order not to deal with the harsh realities of the past four years – let alone the years before?

Bliss Was It in that Dawn to Be Next Door

The writer reflects on the role of language, foreign and Arabic, colloquial and classical, in Morocco; and on the appropriation, polarisation, and xenophobia of the Egyptian counter-revolution.

For young refugees from Syria, education equals hope

Young Syrian refugees have shown extradordinary resilience, but hope for their short and long-term futures hinges on better educational opportunities.

Badass teachers and the future of American democracy

Education should be a transformative experience. Instead, it’s being converted into a commodity that can be quantified, bought and sold.

Education: moving from indoctrination to liberation

Reforming educational curricula, especially where it pertains to values, is by necessity a matter of process and form as well as content.

No more enclosures: knowledge democracy and social transformation

Just as we recognize the importance of biodiversity for the survival of the planet, so we must preserve the diverse ways of knowing that exist among humanity.

You can’t bounce off the walls if there are no walls: outdoor schools make children happier and smarter

New approaches to kindergarten offer children a potentially transformative experience of education in nature - an antidote to rote-learning and a much better preparation for an integrated life. 

Critical citizenship for critical times

The author ponders the protest cycle endlessly repeated in Egypt and asks what kind of critical thinking, citizenship, and indeed higher education would help a breakthrough for the country's future in these turbulent times.

Did Socrates die in vain? Rescuing education from school

Are school children educated, socialized, or indoctrinated?  If there’s any wonder remaining in a student after being swamped with established knowledge throughout the day, she or he would have to pursue critical thinking in the evenings.

The unspoken atrocity of standardized education

As the corporate takeover of public education proceeds in the US and other countries, schools cease to be training grounds for social transformation. We are not just fighting for our children, but for the liberation of our country. 

Seldon's proposals for school reform are fundamentally flawed

The British education system reflects long-standing social division. A recent Social Market Foundation paper proposes reforms  combining variations of previous attempts with radical marketisation of state education. Is a better functioning market the way to improve access to good schools, or will it only entrench the status quo?

Why the universities strikes are about more than just a ‘measly’ pay offer

It's not just the money, it's the direction our marketised universities are taking - enormous rewards at the top combined with a race to the bottom approach for all other staff, and a system of fees that is exacerbating inequality. It's wrong and we oppose it.

Are PISA scores really that important?

What do PISA scores actually tell us about a country? Judging from data rather than headlines and rhetoric, the answer seems to be 'not a lot'.

Home Truths: the decline of the Welsh language

The Welsh language is steadily declining and yet, the amount of Welsh-speaking schools are on the rise. Are the facts being ignored in order to keep stoking the embers of nationalist myths?

Globe-trotting universities serve diplomacy and markets, not democracy

American liberal arts colleges are embracing collaborations with authoritarian regimes worldwide, with implications for US foreign policy. Following up his op-ed in the New York Times on Sunday, Jim Sleeper reports on the issue in greater depth in this openDemocracy essay. 

The risk of new skills

Bettering education has always been seen as the key to reducing the number of people on benefits, but are we addressing the angle from the right direction. What would happen if there was more security when studying – and learning – a new skill?

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