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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why the fight against HIV starts within us

We may no longer herd people with HIV/AIDS into colonies, but economic policy still leads to destitution and despair. That's why activist group ACT UP UK have reformed.

To stop HIV, let's bring sexy back

Sexual liberation is not only about more sex for some people, or more orgasms, but should prioritize pleasure, consent, and respect for a range of sexualities, (dis)abilities and body types. Part of Transformation's liberation series.

Silence = death: Sarah Schulman on ACT UP, the forgotten resistance to the AIDS crisis

When the AIDS activist movement ACT UP was formed in New York in 1987, 50 per cent of Americans wanted people with AIDS quarantined, while 15 per cent favoured tattoos. An interview with Sarah Schulman on her film United In Anger: A History of ACT UP. 

The Beirut Declaration on HIV and Injecting Drug Use: A Global Call to Action

HIV infection rates have been falling as have AIDS related deaths. But along with the good news there remains great suffering and discrimination for people who inject drugs. It is important that the new United Nations declaration on HIV/AIDS to be finalised in June does not cave in to pressure from ideology-driven constituencies to omit the needs and rights of people who use drugs

oD Drug Policy Forum: Front Line Report - Week of April 25th 2011

With around 80,000 claimants of Incapacity Benefit having a drug or alcohol dependency, we lead this weeks report with DrugScope's caution over the DWP's 'incapacity revolution'. In other news we look at injecting drug use in prisons; calls for drug policy reform in Poland; and Wikileaks reveals the extent of the DEAs global reach ~ MW & CS

oD Drug Policy Forum: Front Line Report - Week of February 7th 2011

It gives me great pleasure to lead our report this week with news of the world premiere of "The Exile Nation Project: An Oral History of the War on Drugs & the American Criminal Justice System.” Written, produced and directed by our very own Charles Shaw, the film is the culmination of several months work creating an oral history that puts a human face on the millions of American's subjugated by the US Government's 40 year, one trillion dollar social catastrophe: The War on Drugs ~ MW & CS

oD Drug Policy Forum: Front Line Report - Week of January 31st 2011

We lead this week with promising news of a new Global Commission on Drug Policies, led by world political leaders, intellectuals and businessmen including Richard Branson, in an effort to achieve more human and rational drug laws.

HIV/AIDS: Obama's easy win

Beset by crises, Obama can achieve quick success and set an international standard by reforming the country's HIV/AIDS foreign policy
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