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Constitutional conventions: best practice

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Updated: 39 min ago

Interview: Colombia without war

39 min ago
Future of the peace deal with the FARC depends on Constitutional Court ruling

Honduras :: Justice for Berta Cáceres

39 min ago
Pressure mounts on government to investigate the murder and guarantee protection for the family of the activist

China :: New law to silence activists

39 min ago
New law on foreign NGOs restricts the work of civil society


39 min ago
Human rights activist Rafael Marques takes part in event in Rio de Janeiro


39 min ago
Two years ago, the disappearance of 43 students had international repercussions and exposed the human rights crisis in Mexico

Egypt :: crackdown on activists

39 min ago
Egyptian government freezes assets of human rights defenders and NGOs

Migration on the agenda

39 min ago
In an interview with SUR, UN special rapporteur on the human rights of migrants discusses the “migration crisis” in Europe

Peace in Colombia

39 min ago
In an interview with Conectas, expert discusses the main challenges of the recent peace deal between the government and FARC

Indonesia :: persecution of an activist

39 min ago
Authorities intimidate activist who denounced involvement of government officials in drug trafficking

Ayotzinapa :: Independent investigation now

39 min ago
Pressure mounts on Mexican government to investigate disappearance of students and punish those responsible

Angola :: The struggle for justice continues

39 min ago
Release of activists does not represent an end to violations of freedom of expression and assembly

Angola :: Freedom for Mavungo

39 min ago
Authorities in the country continue to disregard UN recommendations on activist’s detention

Justice in Angola

39 min ago
Angolan activist José Marcos Mavungo is released after Supreme Court ruling

The role of Brazil in the promotion of human rights in Angola

39 min ago
Organizations pressure Brazilian government to break its silence and condemn arbitrary detention of 17 Angolan activists

Angola :: Arbitrary detentions continue

39 min ago
Human rights activist Manuel Nito Alves sentenced to six months in prison

Angola :: Not a day longer

39 min ago
Detention of activists should be addressed during visit by Angolan minister to Brazil

Ayotzinapa :: 43 still missing

39 min ago
Article by Josefina Cicconetti on the march that marked one year since the disappearance of 43 students in Mexico

Justice for Ayotzinapa

39 min ago
In an interview with Sur Journal 21, activists say the Mexican State has a duty to return their colleagues alive

The search must continue

39 min ago
Exhibition in solidarity with the families of the 43 missing students from Ayotzinapa opens in Mexico just days after OAS experts challenge the official version of the facts

Voices of Angola :: Break the silence

39 min ago
Organizations ask Brazil to condemn arbitrary detention of 15 activists