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Black group: results of the first iteration

We want a kind of participatory, decentralising and inclusive politics that engages people, bridges differences, and solves problems together. Rapid changes render our political institutions dysfunctional.



Black group: results of the second iteration

We need a way to humanize the state that breaks apart existing power structure and enables inclusive democratic participation through a subsidiarity structure that encourages local engagement. 


This structure needs to involve everybody living in the jurisdiction, beginning with giving everyone a right to vote as a universal international standard, and ensuring legally enforceable access to participation at different levels by disadvantaged persons like wheelchair users. 


For this we must elaborate further on 


Mobilizing for the right to vote for everyone

Bringing democracy into the economy

Ensuring access to democracy

Exploring the practice of commoning

Black group: results of third iteration and final statement

We are creating a wiki to collect best practices of participatory, decentralized and more inclusive political processes and institutions. This is to evolve into a charter to empower citizens in a way that is universally and equally accessible.

Notes and pics.

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