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Hairiness sounds like this: an Arts & Cultures exclusive

About the author
Patrick Wolf

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Patrick Wolf is a nineteen-year old Parisian musician. ‘Lycanthropy’ is due out this Spring on Faith and Industry. It is a blend of laptronics, folk, ‘blistering breaks’ and more.

Many of the tracks were first aired in London at a blindmice event.

For an idea of what to expect: Patrick Wolf’s EP was praised by Louis Pattison in NME in October 2002: ‘He takes a neatly formed and startlingly mature line in tender, melodramatic singer-songwriting, and with the help from producing chum Capitol K, gleefully corrupts it with cartoonish drill’n’’bass rattles and spry Braindance laptop clicks… If he keeps making records this great surely the world is for his taking.’

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