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About the authors
Musadiq Sanwal is a Pakistani musician and journalist. He is also a co-founder of Matteela, a website for photography, music, film, art and literature based in Lahore.

Zsuzsanna Ardó is an award-winning visual artist, curator and author.She can be contacted via her website and Creatives without Borders.

Departures is my filmic story of loss and growth. The story is interlaced with my photos, mostly taken along the Danube while I was the Photographer in Residence at the André Kertész Museum. On my return to London, I collaborated with Musadiq Sanwal, a performer and composer from Pakistan, to create a soundscape for the story and the photos. Musadiq sings and I narrate the story - and it all sounds a little like this...

Please click on the image below to launch the slideshow:

To see the slideshow, you will need Flash player 6 which you can download here. The slideshow will start automatically when you click on the above image. You can choose to listen to the soundtrack and narration, or just the soundtrack. You can also choose to read the short story – displayed as “captions” underneath the images.

With huge thanks to Fernanda Ferretti!

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