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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ranging over a number of editions, and explored via a multiplicity of media, ‘HAIR’ is the first in a groundbreaking new series of special 3D features for openDemocracy’s Arts & Cultures.

Wrapping up 'Hair'

From pre-historic bog-people to ‘big hair’; virgin martyrs to dresses spun from lost souls, to the hairy Devil himself, the author of ‘The Beast to the Blonde’ takes us on a final grand tour of openDemocracy’s virtual museum.

Stories from the fringe: hair in a West Indian style and fashion

With the scent of soup and Blue Magic, memories of hairstyles, tears and Saturday afternoons at Doris’ salon come flooding back. A veteran of black hair fashion remembers.

Time Passing Through My Hair

In the original Chinese, and also translated especially for openDemocracy by Ho Chee Lick, a poem by one of China’s finest women poets, Lew Poo Chan.

Growing my hair

Specially commissioned for openDemocracy’s ‘hair’ theme, the second of two new poems - the first on shaving; now, long hair.

Hairiness sounds like this: an Arts & Cultures exclusive

openDemocracy presents an exclusive advance audio preview of ‘Lycanthropy’, Patrick Wolf’s debut album. Click below to listen.

Skinning up

Hair as political protest, or global fashion? Photographer and one-time Skinhead, Gavin Watson tells it how it is - in pictures and words.

Shaving Grace

Holy, profane, or just a good old fashioned number one cut? Shaving, with its multiple readings and ramifications, still has the power to make some people’s hackles rise. A young writer takes us on a guided tour of the long, and of course, the short of it.

Shaving her hair

Specially commissioned for openDemocracy’s ‘Hair’ theme, a new poem by a young writer to watch.

Of hexes & hair

An ancient association between hexes and hair resurfaces in the immaculate prose of this chapter from a new novel by a young London writer.

Hair goes global: the view from the salons of Casablanca, Cairo and Paris

Does global beauty exist? Susan Ossman seeks an answer in the salons of Casablanca, Cairo and Paris.

'Hairlines' goes to China - from the Tang dynasty to present-day Beijing

New and ancient poetry and images will be added to this space over the coming weeks and months. In the latest issue, we go to China.

Bring out the beast: body hair in China

On the margins of civilisation and in the mists of evolution lurk hairy barbarians, furry primates and wild men. But why the fascination? Is it about getting back to our roots, or a fear of the beast within?

Hairlines - a new strand running East to West

New and ancient poetry and images will be added to this space over the coming weeks and months, starting with Yosano Akiko’s Hair in Sweet Disorder.

The science of hair

What is it? Where does it come from? And where can it take us? Hair gets the full treatment in this first instalment of Objects & Projects. First up: the science.

Introducing: Hair

Iconic, mythic and symbolic. The stuff of disputes, dreams and fascination. Hair has the power to draw crowds and capture the imagination. Here, we start to look at how, and why.

Middle East hair peace

The legendary Warren Peas encounters Shalom, Arefat, and a massage parlour on a trip through unholy lands.
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