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The Gaza pull-out: in photos

About the author
Chris Anderson was born in Canada in 1970. He has won many awards for his photography, including his work on Haitian immigrants travelling to America, Palestinian children in Gaza, and Afghan refugees in Pakistan. He is represented by Magnum Photos and based in New York.

Gush Katif, Gaza Strip, August 2005

A settler sits on the roof of his house watching soldiers arrive to evict him.

Protesters try to block the road to Gush Katif.

Protesters who have barricaded themselves in the homes of settlers yell at soldiers who have come to evict them in Morag.

Soldiers evict settlers in Morag.

Protesters barricade themselves into the main synagogue in Morag.

A Palestinian day worker in the Gush Katif settlement takes a satellite dish left by departing settlers back to his home.

One Israeli soldier comforts another while evicting settlers in Morag.

These images are © Chris Anderson, Magnum Photos. To see more images from this feature click here.

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