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Made in Italy

About the authors
Emiliano Mancuso was born in Rome, 1971. He was awarded the Canon Prize Best Project 2005 and the FNAC Italia Prize for Photographic Talent for his work on southern Italy.
Giancarlo Ceraudo was born in Rome, 1969. He is currently researching the political, social and cultural issues of the Cono Sur in South America, and in particular the decline of Argentina after the 2001 economic crisis.
Mario Spada was born in Naples, 1971. His images depict the urban and social framework in the historic centre of Naples and its Spanish quarters. His current project is on the petty criminals of Naples. In 2001 he was awarded the Canon Prize for Young Photographers.
Massimo Berruti was born in Rome, 1979. He started his career with an assignment in Cyprus in 2003. The following year he started a project on immigration in Italy photographing Hotel Africa in Rome and in Corviale (a suburb of Rome).
Riccardo Scibetta was born in Besana Brianza, 1971. He is a trained architect and started his career as a photographer in 2000. His work mostly focuses on Sicily and he has won several prizes related to this subject.

Made in Italy is an independent photographic survey of Italy today undertaken by five young prize-winning photographers. They have, so to speak, peered underneath the superficiality of contemporary Italy in an attempt to understand the numbing, sclerotic changes in its society and its aims – if they are to be found.

Italy is not the only European country to have been subject to the enervating syndromes of the shopping mall. But it has suffered more dramatically than any other simply because of its former passions, its cultural flamboyance and its intellectual rigour. Pier Paolo Pasolini recognized these changes, saying that Italian society was becoming the "embourgeoisie", as if in some alarming way the entire nation had embraced the flatulent notions of a middle class without values, and without value.

Made in Italy tries to capture what is critically important to a society that appears to be imploding, a startling journey via images to the part of Italy that today bears the heaviest burden of those changes. It asks the inevitable questions: how can this have happened, and is anybody paying attention?

"Made in Italy", which includes over a hundred photographs is published by Trolley Books.

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