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'7/7: The Longest Week', Thomas Dworzak

About the author
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ken livingstone
Crop of Ken Livingstone, London's Mayor, in an unnamed newspaper

"7 July. I arrived in London in the early evening. Apart from an illuminated traffic sign Avoid London Centre on the road from the airport, nothing expressed the horror of the morning. It was like a Sunday afternoon in a small town: empty streets, no traffic, few people walked the streets. The sites were entirely sealed off with plastic sheets. There were a lot of international journalists. The day after Londoners returned to ‘normal life’. The stoicism and absence of emotion from the people floating through the streets contrasted with the emotional tabloid headlines."
– Thomas Dworzak

Thomas Dworzak selects and photographs prominent newspaper headlines to use the frenzied power of print media to try to convey the immediacy and emotional impact of the suicide attacks that hit the London transport system on 7 July 2005, killing 52 people.


In the three months after 7/7, openDemocracy published forty articles examining the political background, context and implications. Among them:

  • Isabel Hilton, "Letter from wounded London" (7 July 2005)
  • Mohammed Sajid, "The gap between us: British Muslims and 7/7" (18 July 2005)
  • Max Farrar, "Leeds footsoldiers and London bombs" (22 July 2005)
  • Maruf Khwaja, "Muslims in Britain: generations, experiences, futures" (2 August 2005)
  • Aftab Malik, "The state Muslims are in" (15 August 2005)
  • Tariq Modood, "Rethinking multiculturalism after 7/7" (29 September 2005)

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