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'Crossings: photographs from the US-Mexican border', Alex Webb

About the author
Magnum Photos is one the best known photographic agencies in the world. It is an international co-operative owned by its photographer-members.

“This project is an expression of a long-term obsession that I have with exploring this particular part of the world. For whatever complicated reason, I’ve often been drawn to places where there is a certain kind of conflict and mixture of culture.

I first took photographs of this border in 1975, and rather rapidly, my work began to expand into the whole feel of the border, what is this strange world that is neither the US nor Mexico? There’s a perpetual sense of transience: everyone is always trying to go to the other side – whether it’s Mexicans coming north looking for work or to shop, or American tourists going south, and as everyone knows there, drugs go north, guns go south…”

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