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Adam Isacson is a senior associate for regional security policy at the Washington Office on Latin America . There, he coordinates the “Just the Facts project monitoring United States security relations with the hemisphere


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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Colombia, a state of flux

A decade of violence and insecurity has deeply marked Colombia's society, politics and institutions. For Colombia to move on, its beleaguered yet independent justice system will have a vital role to play, says Adam Isacson.

Colombia: a tale of two leaders

Juan Manuel Santos has made a refreshing start as Colombia’s president by departing from the policies of his predecessor, Álvaro Uribe. But to map a new political direction he will need support from uncertain allies, says Adam Isacson.

Colombia: the “green wave” that wasn’t

The first round of the contest to succeed Álvaro Uribe as Colombia’s president produced one big surprise and five lessons, says Adam Isacson.

The next Colombia

A vital constitutional decision and a party-primary vote have blown wide open the electoral campaign to succeed Álvaro Uribe as Colombia's president, says Adam Isacson

Honduras: time to choose

The efforts to reach a solution to Honduras’s political crisis, which saw the expulsion of the president after a military takeover, are moving to a climax. All the more reason for the United States to take a stand on principle and oppose the dangerous return of military adventurism to Latin America, says Adam Isacson.

(This article was first published on 23 July 2009)

Álvaro Uribe, otra vez? Colombia's re-election debate

A decision by Colombia’s president to alter the constitution and run for a third term would have momentous political consequences, says Adam Isacson of the Center for International Policy.

Colombia's imperilled democracy

A chain of scandals revealing the operation of Colombia's deep state presents the country's main ally with a grave choice, says Adam Isacson.

Colombia: a miraculous rescue, and what comes next

The release of Ingrid Betancourt and her fellow-hostages is another stunning blow to the besieged Farc rebel movement. All the more reason for Colombia's military and its Washington backers to be careful in the next stage of a long war, says Adam Isacson.

The Colombia - Venezuela - Ecuador tangle

Colombia's raid on a guerrilla camp across its border exposes the region's dangerous political and military fractures, says Adam Isacson.

The United States and Colombia: the next plan

The United States could play a decisive new role in helping a crisis-ridden Colombia move toward being a modern democracy. In the wake of George W Bush's brief visit to Bogotá, Adam Isacson assesses the chances of a policy shift in Washington.
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