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About Adam Munthe

Adam Munthe’s Asad Company has been making carpets and kilims in Turkey for fifteen years. He is the author of children’s books, The Last Unicorn, and Anna and the Echo-Catcher. He also wrote the novel A Note that Breaks the Silence.

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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A Turkish carpet odyssey

Working over many years with the villagers of Anatolia to revive traditional skills and produce carpets for western connoisseurs has been an education in life as well as a business venture. In serving to regenerate a community, it has also invited the westerner to reflect on the limits of his outlook. Now, post-11 September, the challenge to our consciousness is even sharper.

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