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About Adam Szostkiewicz

Adam Szostkiewicz writes for Polityka weekly news magazine in Warsaw.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Poland: 1920 and all that

Even the most heroic and tragic moments of Poland’s modern history - the battle of Warsaw, the Katyn massacre, the Warsaw uprising - are subject to contentious political debate. A new cinematic epic is no exception, says Adam Szostkiewicz.

The mutilated world: 9/11 in Poland

The intense Polish empathy with America of the days after 11 September 2001 drew on an enduring connection. But there are signs of change, says Adam Szostkiewicz.

Poland’s tragedy: one year on

The air disaster that killed Poland’s president and many of the country’s leading figures in April 2010 is now a source of national division rather than unity, says Adam Szostkiewicz.

Poland's unique election

The choice of a successor to the president killed in the "second Katyn" tragedy was always going to be an emotionally and politically complex process. The result suggests that the Poles and their institutions have passed both tests, says Adam Szostkiewicz.

Leszek Kolakowski, 1927-2009: a master figure

The great Polish intellectual was a voice for reason, truth and decency amid the deceits of the communist era, says Adam Szostkiewicz.

Bronislaw Geremek: Polish and European liberal

The Polish scholar-statesman Bronislaw Geremek (1932-2008) played an immense role in his country's democratic transformation and return to Europe Adam Szostkiewicz pays tribute.  

Poland marches: the people sound the alarm

Poland's bitter political crisis has reached the streets. Democracy in danger or democracy in action, asks Adam Szostkiewicz.

Poland's past and future pope

One year after the death of Pope John Paul II, Adam Szostkiewicz links Poland’s preparations for the visit of his successor Benedict XVI to concerns over the future of a Catholic media empire.

The Polish autumn

The double election victory of the Law & Justice party has left Poland’s leading political actors embracing new friends and old enemies, finds Adam Szostkiewicz.

The Polish lifeboat

Poles are preparing for a double election likely to see a major reshuffle of national politics, reports Adam Szostkiewicz of “Polityka” news weekly in Warsaw.
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