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About Ahmad Mohammadpur

Ahmad Mohammadpur received his Ph.D. in Sociology of Social Change from Shiraz University, Iran in 2007. He is also a Ph.D. candidate in Anthropology at the University of Massachusetts – Amherst where he also teaches a course on Kurdistan, Nationalism and the Contemporary Middle East. He has conducted ethnographic fieldworks in different regions of Kurdistan such as Hawraman, Baneh, Sardasht, Marivan, and Mahabad. Mohammadpur is the author of several papers on culture and politics in Iran and Kurdistan in English, Persian and Kurdish, and a number of books on methodologies in social sciences, chief among them is the three volumes set on Methodologies in Humanities published in 2010 in Persian. His latest book, A Philosophical Narrative of History was published in Persian in 2018. Mohammadpur has taught in Bu - Ali Sina University in Iran, Salahaddin University of Erbil, and Vanderbilt University, United States. His recent project, Re-Orientalizing the East, explores the impacts of Iranian state nationalism on the construction of colonial subject and subjectivity in Iranian Kurdistan – Rojhelat.

Articles by Ahmad Mohammadpur

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The story of Sardasht is a perfect example of the dark days of the Iranian regime’s unbridled hegemony over the Kurds.

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The best deal for the Iranian people is to get dignity and respect and to save their country from further political and economic collapse.

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