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About Ahmed Magdy Youssef

Ahmed Magdy Youssef holds an MA in Global Journalism from Örebro University in Sweden. He has researched the media coverage of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution, and is currently monitoring the Egyptian media system through the national media watch group, Egypt's Media Credibility Index (MCE Watch).  

Articles by Ahmed Magdy Youssef

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Turkey’s coup failed everywhere, except in Egyptian media

Egypt's media welcomed, unabashedly, the Turkish military coup; prematurely hailing Erdogan’s overthrow.

Seven trends dominating Egyptian media

Egypt’s media outlets are trapped in a web of biases. Seven trends have dominated the country's media landscape over the past two years.

Only in Egypt’s media: women raped because the “guys were having a good time”

A long battle lies ahead. People need to start taking responsibility and stop trying to find scapegoats, whether the Muslim Brotherhood, the culture, women’s clothing’s, etc… We all need to stand side by side and make Egypt's streets safer for women.

One satirist exposes Egypt's lopsided media viewpoint

Nowadays it’s hard to find any national newspaper, TV channel, radio station, or even website that avowedly criticizes the government or the military.

Egypt's most powerful man tries to tame the media

To reconcile two different media perspectives of him, General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, commander of the armed forces, has resorted to attempting to control Egypt's media himself.

Egypt shuts down more media channels

The vaunted reputation of the military-led government for neutrality is rather easily exposed, when we realise that the decision to close Al-Faraeen came only after Okasha's harsh criticism of both the Egyptian Defence Minister and the Minister of Information.

Egypt to its journalists: Turn a blind eye, or adopt our viewpoint!

The State Information Service objects to the fact that some media "are still falling short of describing the (anti-Morsi protests) of June 30 as an expression of a popular will."

On Al-Jazeera's lopsided coverage of Egypt

Al-Jazeera has not only lost much of its credibility, but the credibility of its main backer and benefactor, Qatar.

In Egypt's media: Two camps, one loser!

Not only the state-owned media avowedly backed the military after Morsi's ouster, but most of the Egyptian privately-owned TV stations and newspapers as well have embraced the military's perspective.

Five reasons to worry for Egypt’s first democratically elected president

For many Egyptians, the last and yet the only year of the nation's first democratically elected president in office has been a failure. 


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