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About Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is an artist and a social activist, currently residing in Beijing. In 2011, Ai was secretly detained by the police for 81 days. He was subsequently released on bail upon fabricated tax charges. The authorities have still denied him his passport. He won the Vaclav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent from the Human Rights Foundation in 2012.

Articles by Ai Weiwei

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

An artist’s duty: an interview with Ai Weiwei

Still denied his passport after nearly three years, Ai Weiwei exists in a strange purgatory. In this exclusive openDemocracy interview, the dissident Chinese artist speaks truth to power, as China’s exploitative processes of development demand great responsibility from the nation’s intellectual and artistic currents. Interview.

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