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About Aida Mirmaksumova

Aida Mirmaksumova is a journalist and rights activist. She's written for Novoe delo, Current Time, and has worked for IWPR, Open Caucasus Media, Eto Kavkaz and Daptar. In 2016, she won the Georgian Journalism Charter prize for her investigation into FGM in Avar villages in Georgia.

Articles by Aida Mirmaksumova

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A transgender life in Chechnya

As reports of purges of gay men surfaced, Chechnya recently made international headlines. A transgender woman, now in exile, reflects on her place in Chechen society.

Dagestan's long-distance truckers are fighting for their rights

Hundreds of truck drivers in Dagestan have joined Russia’s countrywide strike against additional taxation. I spoke to them to find out their demands. RU

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