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Professor Sir Al Aynsley-Green Kt. Former Director of Clinical R&D, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London, first National Clinical Director for Children, Department of Health, and first Children’s Commissioner for England.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why politicians need to 'take responsibility' for children's health too

This government is betraying children on a grand scale, and making positive ‘choices’ impossible.

If you could prevent brain damage in a child, would you?

Ahead of a debate in Parliament the eminent paediatrician and former first Children’s Commissioner for England urges the UK Government to take action on the most important preventable cause of brain damage in children.

Politicians are failing our children on a grand scale

The welfare of children should be everybody's business but both health and social care reforms and wider austerity policies are failing to address this vital issue. The situation is reaching a crisis point - a new BMA report suggests how government should respond.

Does the Westminster government want to improve youth custody, or not?

Justice minister Chris Grayling today announced his Green Paper, Transforming Youth Custody: Putting Education at the Heart of Detention. He says young offenders should receive better education and training to turn their backs on crime. Welcome words, but does the government have the political will to deliver the radical transformation that is urgently needed? 

The British betrayal: some inconvenient truths about children’s health services

Leading politicians and health professionals meet in London tomorrow to discuss the future of child health in the UK. Ahead of the Westminster Health Forum seminar — ‘Improving children’s and young people’s health: towards a health outcomes strategy and meeting public health challenges’ — OurKingdom presents a challenge from internationally renowned paediatrician, England’s former first children’s commissioner, Prof Sir Al Aynsley-Green.

Who is speaking for Britain's children and young people?: a challenge to the children’s sector

The announcement that children's charity Barnardo’s will work with the Coalition in the proposed replacement for Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre throws into stark relief the dilemma facing children's advocates in the UK. Should they be accomplices to contentious policy, or stand back and maintain their credibility?

Putting children at the centre of government

Long before the latest savage cuts, the UK’s failure to prioritise children was an international disgrace. At yesterday’s Westminster Education Forum, Sir Al Aynsley-Green, the former Children’s Commissioner, urged children’s advocates to shape up and work together to challenge the government.

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