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About Alda Facio

Alda Facio is a lawyer, scholar, and feminist activist. She is a member of Just Associates (JASS), and a member of the Group of Experts on the Issue of Discrimination against women in the UN Human Rights Council. She is a founder and first Director of the Women's Caucus for Gender Justice at the International Criminal Court.

Articles by Alda Facio

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Handmaid's Tale of El Salvador

Poverty, misogyny, and Christian fundamentalism in El Salvador lie behind the prison sentences of up to forty years handed down to seventeen women who were arrested for the crime of abortion, but sentenced for murder.

Political motherhood vs violence against mothers

The Activist Mothers of Xalapa have united their individual power as mothers to create a collective political motherhood that has resisted many patriarchal institutions in the past, and could well be the driving force of a new society based on nurturing life instead of selling it, says Alda Facio.

Women Redefining Democracy

In the run up to the Nobel Women’s Initiative conference ‘Women Redefining Democracy’, Alda Facio argues that the masculine perspective of “control and authority through numbers” must be replaced with “rights and legitimacy for all”.
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