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About Aleksey Matsuka

Aleksey Matsuka is Editor-in-Chief of the independent internet newspaper News of Donbass.

Articles by Aleksey Matsuka

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Julian Richards is openDemocracy’s managing editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What is the meaning of journalism in Ukraine today?

13631576_10210200367591722_204667795520323865_n.jpgUkraine’s journalists are often told we need to react in kind to information warfare. But let’s not forget what we can do to de-intensify this conflict.


Feeding democracy in Slovyansk

5211579_0.jpgLife in Slovyansk is no picnic. Now election candidates think votes can be bought with food parcels. На русском языке


Writing the truth in the People’s Republic of Donetsk

Igor Druz on 'People of the Republic'Some journalists in Donetsk are brave enough to tell the truth about what is going on there. But there are consequences… на русском языке


Oksana Makar: can her shocking death change anything in Ukraine?

The gruesome murder of Oksana Makar has sent shockwaves around Ukraine, with supporters of the death penalty calling for its reinstatement, and a public outcry that has brought the case to national and global attention. Aleksey Matsuka discusses the implications of Oksana Makar’s death and what it tells us about Ukrainian society.

I choose the truth: confessions of an ‘improper’ journalist in Donetsk

In Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine, ‘proper’ journalism means asking few questions and communicating few answers. Those who choose not to follow these Soviet rules of thumb are by consequence ‘improper’ journalists, who risk redress for the errors of their ways. In Aleksey Matsuka’s case, this has meant continual harassment and, earlier this month, the apparent attempt to set fire to him and his flat.

An open letter from Aleksey Matsuka

Last Sunday, unknown arsonists attempted to torch the apartment of oD author and investigative journalist Aleksey Matsuka in Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. Despite the seriousness of the crime, the reaction from the police and investigating authorities has been woefully inadequate.

Dispatch from Donetsk

The heart of the Ukrainian East, Donetsk owes its existence to the industrialising zeal of the Soviet Union. In post-Soviet times, it has remained true to the values of its maker. Local journalist Aleksey Matsuka tells a story of sultanistic rule, media dependence, fist fights and party officials voting in place of MPs in the regional parliament.
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