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About Alexander Mozhayev

Alexander Mozhayev is a graduate of the Moscow Architectural Institute, with a specialty in architectural restoration. He is activist of the Arkhnadzor Moscow preservationist society. 

Articles by Alexander Mozhayev

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ring out new bells!

While lightning and neglect are taking their toll on Russia's wooden churches, a growing volunteer movement is making its mark in saving this precious cultural heritage. Architectural restoration expert Alexander Mozhayev reports.

Under the capital's streets: a guide to ancient Moscow

Moscow, unlike St Petersburg, is an unplanned city that has grown organically over the centuries, and where new developments can still mean the destruction of older buildings of historical interest. A few traces remain, however, from medieval times and even prehistory. Alexander Mozhayev has been investigating them.

The tragedy of Russia's abandoned wooden churches

Russia’s wooden architecture, especially its churches, was hardly a priority during Soviet times and now many of the unique old buildings are very close to total ruin.  A new book documents the tragedy in some of the most inaccessible parts of Russia’s north.  The numbers are daunting, but a tiny ray of hope has appeared on the horizon, which could rescue one or two of the near-ruins, says Alexander Mozhayev 

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