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About Alexandr Litoy

Alexandr Litoy is a Moscow-based journalist, specialising in socio-political issues and youth extremism. He began his career at Novaya Gazeta, before moving to RBC Holdings. He is currently a freelance journalist. 

Articles by Alexandr Litoy

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Meet Russian anarchist Ilya Romanov. He’s spent nearly 20 years in prison

Through radical protest of the 1990s and 2000s to the repressive machine of today, Romanov's biography shows how the Russian government’s attitude to protest has hardened. RU

The “heroes of Novorossiya”: where are they now?

Two years ago, a separatist movement in southeast Ukraine brought war and tragedy to the whole country. Though the crisis continues, the movement’s first leaders have gone their separate ways. Русский

Serial violations: finding new ways to limit freedom of association in Russia


The first sentences under a new law limiting freedom of association in Russia are coming into effect. Their target? ‘Malicious picket-holders’. Русский

Between real and imitation democracy: elections in Transnistria


With parliamentary elections in four weeks, this unrecognised republic’s two power blocs are preparing for a real contest. на русском языке

Hiding in plain sight: Russian ministries online

Government websites have a bad reputation for a reason. In Russia, NGOs have been trying to make them easier to use—all under the rubric of transparency.


I was on a Russian nationalist hit list

goryachev - visual ria - sergei kuznetsov.jpg

In Moscow City Court, the suspected leader of a far-right terror group with links to the Kremlin stands accused of five murders. I was on their list. RU


The Kremlin's friends, foes and countrymen abroad

4076705.jpgAs Russian nationalism continues to varnish foreign and domestic policy motives, diaspora loyalties take on fresh significance both at home and abroad. 


Russia’s job market: from bad to worse

It's cuts all round as Russia's economy takes a nosedive.



A guide to political persecution in Russia

Andrey Stenin - VisualRIAN - Dissident.jpgA raft of new criminal offences allows the government’s opponents to be arrested for just about anything – or nothing.


Boris Nemtsov: murder in an atmosphere of hate

The death of Boris Nemtsov, in the shadow of the Kremlin, is rooted in the atmosphere of hate which has been building in Russia for the past year. And Nemtsov was quite unlike the man often portrayed.

The Kremlin has nothing to fear from left-wing opposition

Anna Volkova Demotix.jpg

Russia’s present troubles would suggest that the left-wing opposition finally has a chance to be heard. But how is that possible when so many of them have been in bed with Putin for years …

For Generation P, Putin is Russia

RIA Maksim Blinov.jpg

Putin has successfully managed to persuade his fellow citizens that he and Russia are one and the same. на русском языке


Putin’s International Brigades

Novorossiya International.jpgThe Donbas separatists have been fighting the Ukrainian army with the help of volunteers from all over the world – like the International Brigades in the Spanish Civil War of 1936-9.


The Crimean ‘terrorists’

Four Crimean residents are facing up to 20 years in prison for protesting against the Russian annexation of the peninsula.


Separatism in Russia

Russia has been fanning the fires of separatism in Ukraine, but the government is not so keen on separatism at home.



The punishment for Bolotnaya Square

Sergei_Udaltsov Vitaly Ragulin_0.jpg

On 24 July, the Moscow City Court sentenced Sergei Udaltsov, leader of the left wing of the Russian opposition, to four-and-a-half years in prison.

The Cossacks

2353558 crop.jpg

Cossacks have always been loyal to the Kremlin. The crisis in Ukraine has only confirmed that loyalty.


Arresting numbers

Human rights defenders in Russia have released data on the numbers of Russians arrested at protests; and what they were protesting about.

The ultimate conspiracy theory

The National Liberation Movement, led by Yevgeny Fyorodov, a Duma Deputy, believes that Russia has been occupied by the Americans, that the US has been drafting Russia's laws... But the NLM has a plan to save Russia. на русском языке

Prisoners without conscience

Members of BORN, a Russian ultranationalist group, will soon face trial for murder. They have been linked with Centre E and the presidential administration in Moscow; and with ‘Svoboda’ and ‘Pravy Sektor’ in Kyiv.

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