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AM, editor

Alfred Moore is a lecturer in political theory in the department of politics at the University of York..

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The pre-history of post-democracy

Amidst the currently contested conceptions of democracy, a review of Michael Schudson’s The Rise of the Right to Know: Politics and the Culture of Transparency. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press (2015).

The UK's EU referendum is not worthy of our respect

This referendum manifested a profound disrespect for democracy, in the way it was called, in the way the decision thresholds were framed, and in the way the campaign itself was conducted.

The two faces of denial

If scientific authority is to produce its democratic goods, it needs to be reimagined and reconstructed in ways that go with the grain of an increasingly mobile and well-resourced audience of critical citizens.

Introducing this week’s guest feature - Imagining Conspiracies: science under suspicion

Cynical language may be a staple of democratic debate, but the depth of distrust emerging in our democracies is alarming to many, and particularly alarming in the realm of science. This week’s guest theme inspired by the Cambridge conference taking place on Suspect science: climate change, epidemics, and questions of conspiracy, launches our new discussion hub on conspiracy and democracy - Imagining Conspiracies.

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