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About Ali Rattansi

Ali Rattansi is Visiting Professor in Sociology at City University, London. His many books include 'Race', Culture and Difference (with J.Donald) (1992), and Racism, Modernity and Identity (with S. Westwood) (1994). He is currently writing a book entitled Rethinking Racism.

Articles by Ali Rattansi

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Migration fantasies: how not to debate immigration and asylum

We must talk about population movements in terms of gross inequality, unfair trade patterns, failed states, demographic change, the collapse of the Soviet bloc, and American hegemony. [Reposted from openDemocracy, May 2003]

From multiculturalism to interculturalism – a reply to the British political elite

Ali Rattansi’s recently-published study of the politics of multiculturalism sets out to rebut in detail the falsities and half-baked assumptions Labour’s David Blunkett, Prime Minister David Cameron, and Trevor Phillips, who heads the Equality and Human Rights Commission, as they rubbish the contribution of multiculturalism to our society. We asked him to set out his argument.

New Labour, new assimilationism

The current of anxiety among Britain’s centre–left establishment about race, diversity and national unity reflects a shift away from the post–1960s multicultural model. But is the recent demand for members of minority communities to “assimilate” based on reason or prejudice? And is the most visible signifier of diversity, Islam, the new black?

Migration fantasies: how not to debate immigration and asylum

The urgency and topicality of debates about migration should not create space for a language loaded by prejudice and presumption that fuels a far right agenda. Yet this is precisely the approach of Anthony Browne in the People Flow discussion. An analysis of his panic-laden, historically-myopic argument is a necessary prelude to creating a rational basis for responsible exchange.
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