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About Alice M. Miller

Alice M. Miller, J.D. is the Co-Director of the Global Health Justice Partnership between the Law and Public Health Schools at Yale University and teaches in Yale’s Law, Public Health, and Global Affairs schools. Her work critically engages with the theory and practice of gender, sexuality and health as human rights issues, with a current focus on the role of the criminal law in shaping ideas of rights as well as the interplay of the domestic, transnational and global in developing new rights norms. Her experience encompasses more than two decades of advocacy and training with NGOs and in IGOs. Previously, she taught in policy, law, and public health schools at Columbia University and Berkeley as well as teaching in independent sexuality and rights institutes in Turkey and India.

Articles by Alice M. Miller

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Thomas Rowley

Tom Rowley edits oDR.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Gotcha! the ‘bait and switch and bait again’ of US anti-trafficking policy

American understandings of trafficking concentrate on so-called ‘sex trafficking,’ however existing laws address many forms of labour exploitation. Too little is known about the effects of such laws on all workers.

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