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About Allyson Pollock

Professor Allyson Pollock is director of the Institute of Health & Society at Newcastle University. A public health physician, she is a leading authority on the fundamental principles of universal health systems, marketisation and public private partnerships, and international trade law and health. Her current research is around access to medicines, pharmaceutical regulation, and public health; and child and sports injury. Her book NHS plc: the privatisation of our health care was published by Verso, and she is currently working on a book The NHS reclaimed.



Articles by Allyson Pollock

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why the next Labour Manifesto must pledge to legislate to reinstate the NHS

Labour’s 2017 health manifesto was a hodgepodge of offers but failed to tackle the underlying issues. Bold thinking and a commitment to the NHS Reinstatement Bill - is needed now.

BMA backs principles of NHS Reinstatement Bill to save NHS from destruction by market forces

As politicians squabble over NHS funding figures, the British Medical Association's Council has backed the principles of radical legislation which would get the costly 'market' out of the NHS.

Parliament must tackle commercial interests to save public health data

The controversial care data programme - debated in parliament today - must be amended to ensure public, not private interests come first, and restore public trust.

Opting out of is not the answer

Mistrust of is not surprising, given the corporate interests involved - but simply opting out will make it even harder to monitor the impact of privatisation on Britain's health.

Why we need a political campaign to reinstate the NHS in England

This extract is from the forthcoming publication on the future of the national health service for the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class)

Briefing paper - the NHS reinstatement bill

An explanation of what David Owen's new bill is trying to achieve and why it is needed

‘Commercial confidentiality’ trumps public right to know in England’s new health market

In the new competitive market for healthcare created by the Health and Social Care Bill it will become increasingly difficult to know what exactly is being done with public money. 

The end of the NHS as we know it

"How the Health and Social Care Bill 2011 would end entitlement to comprehensive health care in England" republished from The Lancet with thanks.

The abolition of the NHS. That’s what is happening.

In unscripted remarks, the UK Prime Minister revealed his true agenda: he wants to turn our universal health care system into “a fantastic business”. Not patient choice but choice of patient will be the order of the day.

An end to Bevan’s dream of free healthcare for all Britons?

If the Health and Social Care Bill is passed without major amendments it will forever be known as the “abolishing the NHS” Bill. Make no mistake, the NHS will be there but in name only: health services will be run on US lines by, and largely for, shareholders and profit, while denial of care will escalate.
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