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About Amanda Clarkson

Amanda Clarkson holds an MA in Global Development from the University of Leeds and has worked in West Africa as a development consultant in education. She is currently based in London as a consultant in development policy. She is a regular contributor to the International Policy Digest.

Articles by Amanda Clarkson

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The DRC’s Joseph Kabila unveils his latest ruse

To avoid another “World War” in Africa, the international community must negotiate with Kabila his own peaceful resignation – before he goes beyond the point of no return.

Can the battle against Big Tobacco be won?

The tobacco industry’s relentless behavior, including a massive 'astroturf' campaign, led French MEP Françoise Grossetête to assert that it cannot be considered a ‘normal’ industry.

Watching the watchers: the G5 Sahel Force has a human rights problem

If history is a lesson, without a robust human rights framework, international missions are more likely to add to, rather than prevent, violence.

The New York Declaration on refugees: one year on

The New York Declaration called for states to ease pressure on less-developed countries like Lebanon, Jordan, and Ethiopia that host the most refugees.

The long road to gender equality in southeast Asia

Singapore may soon elect its first female president – but the struggle for gender equality in the region is far from being won.

DRC: the Moïse Katumbi problem

Kabila’s grasping for straws abroad points to a regime running out of options.

Ebola strikes back in the DRC

Western governments need to realise that to completely rely on the for-profit pharmaceutical sector to drive the process to develop vaccines will be disastrous for public health.

Time for the west to fight for the exiled

Today’s autocrats are displaying a growing audacity in their willingness to pursuing dissenters everywhere, blatantly disregarding national boundaries in the process.

Turkmenistan is using anti-smoking laws to crack down on the media

ac.jpgTurkmenistan's strong anti-tobacco position may have met with praise from international health organisations, but they are yet to speak out about the persecution of journalists under the regime. 

The European migration crisis – have we lost the moral high ground?

Europe simply can’t guarantee its money will stop human rights crises. At best, it will simply force migrants to trade one hell for another.

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