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About Amina Mama

Amina Mama is Professor and Director of Women and Gender Studies, University of California, Davis. She is a widely published scholar-activist, and the founding Editor of Feminist Africa, published by the African Gender Institute in Cape Town.


Articles by Amina Mama

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

African feminist engagements with film

African feminist filmmakers and theorists reflect on the shifting roles of women working at all levels of the film and media industries on the continent, and the task of making films that challenge the existing fictions that misrepresent and distort women's realities.

Pan-Africanism: beyond survival to renaissance?

Addressing the African Union 50th Anniversary Heads of States Summit, Amina Mama challenged the gathering to redefine the terms of Africa's insertion in the global economy, and raised critical questions regarding the lived realities of ordinary people and the central contribution of women to Africa's continued survival.

Challenging militarized masculinities

It is not that ‘masculinity’ generates war, as the question has been put, but rather that the process of militarization both draws on and exaggerates the bipolarization of gender identities in extremis, says Amina Mama 

Where we must stand: African women in an age of war

Whether one considers the direct effects of military rule and conflict on women, or the global economic implications of the US war-on-terror, militarism threatens to strip away all the 20th century gains in women’s rights, dispossessing us once more. African women must take a stand, says Amina Mama

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