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About Andrea Cornwall

Andrea Cornwall is Head of the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex, and Director of the Pathways of Women’s Empowerment research programme. Her latest book is Feminisms, Empowerment and Development, co-edited with Jenny Edwards.



Articles by Andrea Cornwall

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Reclaiming feminist visions of empowerment

Glib and glossy visions of women’s empowerment, designed to avoid actual power structures, are being avidly promoted by corporations and the development industry alike. A new book by Srilatha Batliwala reminds us of what lies at the heart of feminist empowerment work.

Deliberation – Lessons from Brazil

By giving people permission to dream, space to debate, chance to learn, opportunities to contribute to righting deep-rooted wrongs, Brazil is creating a nation of informed, politically engaged citizens. The UK can learn from its example.

Pathways of women's empowerment

The dominant thinking about women and development has become mired in a progressive-sounding orthodoxy that fails to engage with the realities of women’s experience and aspirations around the world. The journey beyond “development-lite” is also the search for a new democracy, argues Andrea Cornwall.
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