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About Andrea Glioti

Andrea Glioti is a freelance journalist who has been living between Egypt, Lebanon and Syria in recent years, and whose academic background is focused on the Middle East (MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies, majoring in politics at SOAS).

Articles by Andrea Glioti

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Syrian wounds and Iraqi scars

The similarities are stark: a Baathist regime in power for decades, a ruling religious minority accused by some of fuelling sectarian resentment and praised by others for maintaining a secular identity, the emergence of Sunni-Shi’a strife 

Ex-hacker exposes suspected "Collateral Murder" wiki-leaker

Ex-hacker exposes suspected wiki-leaker. Iran announces plans for aid convoy to Gaza. Somalis flee clashes in central provinces. US considers sanctions in response to Cheonan crisis. All this and more in today's security briefing

UN condemns Israel raid on aid flotilla

UN condemns Israeli commando raid on aid-flotilla. Amnesty calls for inquiry into possible extra-judicial killings during Kingston violence. British troops come under US command in Kandahar. Russian delegation visits South Korea to assess Cheonan findings. All this and more in today's update.

Egypt and Sudan tussle with Nile basin countries over water rights

Egypt and Sudan state opposition to Ugandan-Rwandan-Kenyan-Ethiopian deal on Nile waterway management. South Korea reinvokes definition of North as 'principal enemy'. Shimon Peres denies nuclear weapons deal with apartheid South Africa. Jamaica suffers violent attacks following deal to extradite suspected drugs baron. All this and more in today's briefing.

Iranian nuke deal on the Turkish-Brazilian axis met with suspicion by US and Israel

Turkish-Brazilian deal on Iranian uranium draws criticism from US and Israel. Sri Lanka celebrates 'victory day' as damning report issued by International Crisis Group. All this and more in today's update.

Fragile post-election Iraq suffers sectarian bomb attacks

Baghdad bombings in wake of inconclusive election bargaining in Iraq. Suspicions mount of North Korean involvement in Cheonan sinking. Murders taint government-opposition relations in Ethiopia. US warns Burma over purchases of North Korean weapons. All this and more in today's briefing.

US to extend sanctions on Syria for another year

US extends sanctions on Syria for a further year. Times Square bomb suspect. Yemeni ship seized by Somali pirates. Greeks take to street in protest at latest package of austerity measures. All this and more in today's update.

Abbas embargoes Israeli settlements

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas imposes embargo on settlement goods. Thai government alleges red shirt movement is a republican plot. US sets out plans for a one-hour missile strike capacity. Ukraine in tumultuous vote to extend Russian lease of Black Sea base. All this and more in today's briefing.

Iran accuses US of nuclear threats

Tehran criticises US' nuclear threats. Victory likely for Bashir after controversial Sudanese elections. Peshawar stuck by twin suicide attacks. Ethnic violence threatens Kyrgyz interim government. All this and more in today's update.
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