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About Andrei Piontkovsky

Andrei Piontkovsky is an eminent Russian academic and political analyst, specialising in Russian foreign and domestic politics and military strategic issues. A mathematician by training, he lives and works in Moscow.

Articles by Andrei Piontkovsky

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Apocalypse now

The forced resignation of Duma deputies accused of owning property they had not declared shows Vladimir Putin trying, in the same way as his illustrious forebear Josef Stalin, to purge the ranks. But you can’t set a thief to catch a thief, says Andrei Piontkovsky

Someone else? The latest twist in Russian politics

The Russian Defence Minister was recently sacked, ostensibly for corruption. The apparent weakening of the Putin myth and resulting unease inside the Kremlin must lead to a search for a new leader. Perhaps he has already arrived, muses Andrei Piontkovsky

A Putative president for Russia, in for life...

Putin’s recent announcement that he would be “standing for” president caught people off guard, as it was intended to. For Andrei Piontkovsky, it was a disgusting spectacle and test of the Russian people that will almost certainly end badly.

North Caucasus: one war lost, another one begins

The region of the North Caucasus is on fire. Its young people — poorly educated and unemployed — believe radical Islam could be solution to their problems. In Mother Russia, meanwhile, a new generation of disenfranchised youngsters are smarting from their lot. The two groups may be soon on collision course, warns Andrei Piontkovsky

Russia's national zombie

All authoritarian regimes come to an end at some point. In Russia they tend to implode. The Putin regime is displaying many of the signs of impending collapse. Andrei Piontkovsky wonders whether the destruction of statehood can be avoided this time.

Russia's new perestroika?

The freeing of Khodorkovsky's lawyer Svetlana Bakhmina is among the events being seen by some as heralding a new perestroika.  Andrei Piontkovsky does not agree.

Khodorkovsky: blood or cash?

New charges are being brought against ex-oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, whose trial and the destruction of his company Yukos in 2003-5 were a cause celebre. Andrei Piontkovsky puts the new trial in context. 

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