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About Andrew Dobson

Andrew Dobson is professor of politics at Keele University. Among his books are Citizenship and the Environment (Oxford University Press, 2003); (as co-editor) Political Theory and the Ecological Challenge (Cambridge University Press, 2006); and Green Political Thought (Routledge, 4th edition, 2007). His website is here

Articles by Andrew Dobson

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Alex Sakalis, Editor

Alex Sakalis is associate editor of openDemocracy and co-edits the Can Europe Make It? page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The fiction of climate change

What is a climate-change novel, and what makes a good one? Andrew Dobson takes time from his day job as professor of politics to read the existing literature and emerge with suggestions about how to do it better.

Ecocentrism: a response to Paul Kingsnorth

Paul Kingsnorth’s journey from a degraded environmentalism to nature-centred ways of living and thinking has many echoes for Andrew Dobson, but also clarifies a difference of outlook.

James Lovelock: greenery vs democracy

Does the pioneer of “gaia” have a point: could democracy be an obstacle to planetary safety?

Copenhagen: climate countdown

The United Nations climate-change summit is a vital moment in the world’s effort to avert catastrophe. openDemocracy authors reflect on what needs to happen and how much Copenhagen can achieve.

10:10 and the politics of climate change

A new climate-change project lacks the political focus that the scale of the problem now demands, says Andrew Dobson.

A politics of crisis: low-energy cosmopolitanism

The global financial turmoil is opening new fissures in the world's political crust. All the more need to make a cool assessment of the prospects for left and right, say Andrew Dobson & David Hayes.

(This article was first published on 22 October 2008)

Climate change and the public sphere

A reinvigoration of the idea of the public realm is vital to mitigating climate change, says Andrew Dobson.

Was Bali a success?

The climate-change conference in Bali on 3-14 December 2007 ended in agreement, acclaim - and argument about the details. openDemocracy writers and environmental specialists offer a first draft of history on the Bali deal.

A climate of crisis: towards the eco-state

The worldwide environmental emergencies of late-summer 2007 highlight the need for new political agency, argues Andrew Dobson.

A politics of global warming: the social-science resource

What kind of politics does climate change need? New understandings of the real drivers of human social behaviour can help provide an answer, says Andrew Dobson
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