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About Andrew Mambondiyani

Andrew Mambondiyani is a journalist based in Zimbabwe. He recently served as a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT (USA) and a Middlebury Environmental Journalism Fellow (USA). He has covered illegal mining in Zimbabwe for over five years.


Articles by Andrew Mambondiyani

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Dripping with blood: the Marange diamond fields

Despite numerous human rights violations in the Marange diamond fields, the area is not classified as producing 'blood diamonds'. But by any ordinary definition, it should be. The diamonds are dripping with blood, as the battle between formal mining companies and illegal panners continues unabated.

The fields of Marange: where is the diamond money?

Local communities were supposed to reap the benefits of rich resources since Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields were opened up to formal mining in 2009. Four years on, impoverished locals are still waiting.

Tobacco farmers wiping out Zimbabwe’s indigenous forests

Following Mugabe's land reforms, Zimbabwe's farmers are turning to the booming tobacco industry to alleviate poverty, but this get-rich quick-fix scheme comes at what price to the local environment and farming communities? 

Chinese companies under scrutiny in Zimbabwe

Ten years into the Look East policy, Zimbabwe is showing itself to be a not-so-satisfied customer of Chinese investment.

Illegal diamond mining in Zimbabwe

Despite spirited efforts by the government to convince the international community that illegal mining and diamond underhand dealings in Marange (Chiadzwa) were under control, events on the ground suggest otherwise.
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