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Andrew Mueller is an author and journalist.

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Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Libya: forgive and forget

The United States's diplomatic embrace of Colonel Gaddafi’s domain is a classic of value-free power politics, says Andrew Mueller.

'Getting in the way': Christian peacemakers from the West Bank to Iraq

The latest western hostages in Iraq include a 74-year-old member of a Christian group dedicated to mediation in combat zones. John Lynes, a colleague of Norman Kember, gave Andrew Mueller an insight into the group’s ethos when they met on the dangerous ground of Hebron, in the Israel-occupied West Bank.

Arrested in southern Cameroon

Andrew Mueller, seeking to report on a secessionist movement in Cameroon, found himself caught up in the divided west African state’s dangerous internal politics.

Abkhazian futures

A small, little-known corner of the southern Caucasus resists Georgia, relies on Russia, and is resolute for independence. Andrew Mueller reports from Abkhazia.

Recognise us! The Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organisation

The world’s stateless nations are fighting against local oppressors and global invisibility by sharing experiences, problems – and soccer skills. Andrew Mueller reports from the conference of the Unrepresented Nations & Peoples Organisation.

'Guerrillas without guns': Albania's Activism Festival

From Tbilisi to Kiev, Belgrade to Baku, young people are making democratic revolutions with a modern twist – using the net, self-organisation, branding, humour … and a little help from their American friends. Andrew Mueller reports from an international conference in Tirana where activists from across the ex-Soviet bloc shared experiences and made plans.

Taiwan in a Chinese overture

China’s mixture of diplomacy and threat across the Taiwan Strait creates tension in Taiwan, reports Andrew Mueller from Taipei.

Don't stop the war

The Iraq war protestors still pound the London streets, but Andrew Mueller returns from visiting British troops in Basra convinced they are wrong.
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