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Andrew Robertson is the founder of the blog Social Investigations and has been a freelance investigative journalist for 20 years, writing in the Independent, Red Pepper and for Indymedia. Follow him on Twitter @socialindepth. 

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Should Peers be able to vote on health reforms that affect their financial interests?

A new list of Peer's financial interests in healthcare-related companies raises eyebrows again. Is declaring their interests enough, or - like councillors - should they be banned from voting on issues that might affect their financial interests? 

English charity sector lobbied Hunt to keep controversial NHS privatisation rules

Who benefits if charity leaders lobby for more competition in the NHS?

2020 Health working with Lord Howe to make the NHS a"UK Plc Asset"

A healthcare think tank with multiple links to coalition peers wants to turn the NHS into an “asset” of “UK Plc”, according to documents released by the Department of Health under the Freedom of Information Act which also suggest the government needs to “charm” private healthcare “international corporations”.

"This Can't Go On" - Cameron hires private health lobbyist into the heart of government

Nick Seddon, former lobbyist and private healthcare advocate, today walks through the doors of `10 Downing Street to lead on health policy formation for David Cameron. What does this say about Cameron’s real attitude to the lobbying game he has publicly decried? And what kind of policies will Seddon be pushing now? There are good reasons to be concerned.

Healthcare coup: the Lords didn't save us the first time

Today the Lords will likely vote through the Coalition's disastrous privatisation regulations, section 75, opening nearly all NHS services to competition - a health market. Why, considering their extensive conflicts of interest, are many of these Lords not barred from voting?

What was the real purpose of Virgin's mysterious report into NHS customer service?

In 2000, Labour asked Virgin to report on customer services in the NHS. What they delivered went well beyond this remit, proposing policies and agendas eerily similar to what would become New Labour's NHS marketisation strategy. Who were the mystery authors, and what was Labour's role?

Reform: a charity or a conduit for privatisation?

As the major parties prepare for the conference season, Reform, a free market think tank, will be central to the discussion of the future of public services. But while registered as a charity, the organisation appears less concerned with helping those in need than providing a political platform for their corporate sponsors. 

Will the private interests of peers swell the vote for England's health bill?

More than one in four Conservative peers - 62 out of the total of 216 - and many other members of the House of Lords have a direct financial interest in the radical re-shaping of the NHS that is perilously close to being enacted. These peers have been able to vote on the crucial divisions that will determine the immediate and long-term future of the NHS and the coalition’s Health and Social Care bill. 

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