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About Andrew Wigley

Andrew Wigley is a public affairs professional who has lived and worked in the US and the Middle East. He began his career working for the Liberal Democrats, first in London and then Brussels. He is currently undertaking postgraduate research in African history at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Lessons from the Maldives for the Middle East

The coup d’état in the Maldives doesn’t augur well for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa. Andrew Wigley argues that the process of detoxifying a nation after dictatorship may take decades

Water in the Arab Spring

Water scarcity in the Middle East & North Africa is at the root of the region’s uprisings. In the coming years, it will also be the source of further social unrest across the region.
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