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About Andrey Kalikh

Andrey Kalikh is a Russian political activist and independent journalist. He currently writes analytical reviews for Index on Censorship, and has previously worked for Deutsche Welle. He is the author and editor of many reports on human rights issues and combating international corruption, and since 2014 has been the coordinator of the EC-Russia Civil Forum’s working group on trans-border corruption.

Articles by Andrey Kalikh

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Today, the forgotten fear of nuclear war is being reborn — and we have no popular movement against it

The movement for a nuclear free world during the late 1980s was made possible by many. But there are no successors today – and this is dangerous. RU

“My baby knows how to speed up judges when he needs to”

Recent revelations concerning a Russian oligarch and Russian deputy prime minister demonstrate how friendship, business and politics are intertwined in the Russian state’s influencing operations. RU

Hope for Russia’s hopeless elections

“I’m not participating in this shit” could become the main political slogan at Russia’s upcoming presidential elections. RU

Toxic cash: the risks of Russia’s “sovereign civil society” programme

By banning NGOs from receiving foreign funding, the Russian government has forced them to seek financial support at home. But state grants undermine civil society’s independence. RU

Free Russia Forum: sanctions and boycotts

Russia’s opposition remains weak and divided — but the latest forum in Vilnius could hint at consolidation down the road. RU

Russia's WWII: still too many taboos?

For most of the USSR, WWII started on 22 June 1941. Exactly 70 years have passed since then, but there are still many ‘uncut pages’ of history, and few attempts have been made to present a view that differs from Soviet propaganda, writes Andrei Kalikh

The vicious bind: rights and corruption in Russia

An analysis of human rights violations in Russia reveals the extent to which they occur as the direct result of institutional corruption. However well intentioned, recent attempts at reform in the army and police have fallen short of tackling this fundamental connection, writes Andrey Kalikh.

Transdniestria and Moldova: unloved, unresolved

There is no resolution in sight for the conflict between ‘pro-European' Moldova and its pro-Russian breakaway region Transdniestria. Europe cares little about Moldova, and Transdniestria's passion for Putin's Russia is barely reciprocated either


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