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About Andrey Makarychev

Professor Andrey Makarychev is based at the Institute of Government and Politics,  University of Tartu, Estonia


Articles by Andrey Makarychev

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Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Russia: farewell to 'national unity'

Vladimir Putin may have won Sunday’s presidential election, but his new term is unlikely to be an easy one. Russia has changed: the middle classes surf the Internet, compare themselves not to their parents but to their contemporaries in the rest of Europe, and demand change. Meanwhile, writes Andrey Makarychev, the Kremlin is incapable for moving with the times.

Russia’s EU policy: multiple messages, absent strategy

On the eve of the EU-Russia Summit in Nizhny Novgorod, all eyes are fixed on new political dimensions to the bilateral relationship. Yet the picture being formed is incoherent and indistinct, representative more of political conjecture and systemic instability than it is of conscious policy positions, says Andrei Makarychev.

From geopolitics to human security? - a review

Is the human security blueprint presented in the book by Mary Kaldor and Shannon D.Beebe achievable in a states system or does it depend upon a more cosmopolitan milieu? Andrey Makarychev reviews The Ultimate Weapon is No Weapon
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