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About Anna Arutunyan

Anna Arutunyan is a Russian-American journalist and the author of The Putin Mystique. A former fellow at the Kennan Institute in Washington, she currently lives and writes in Moscow.

Articles by Anna Arutunyan

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Who will make Russia “great again”?

Russia’s legal-rational establishment has yet to emerge. But the rise of Alexei Navalny demonstrates that when it does, it will inevitably be nationalist.


Russia's politics of paranoia

Russian society tries to keep its nerve. The Kremlin thrives on it, the papers amplify it—but nobody can quite control this profound paranoia.

The real ‘Leviathan’

Leviathan pics 1.jpgIn the town where the Oscar-nominated Leviathan was shot, locals are ambivalent about the film that purports to reflect their lives.


From our own correspondent in Moscow

Kremilin from behind bars by Arseny Bobrovsky.jpgThere have been protests in the capital. Could Moscow really go the way of Kyiv – bring down the president and install a less authoritarian government?


Putin's new foreign policy rulebook

Valdai Putin 2014 kremlin.ru_.jpegPutin’s speech to the Valdai Club on 24 October shows he no longer believes in the old international rules.


When peace means war

20140921_174301 crop.jpg

Moscow's peace march was a demonstration against war, and a declaration of a tacit middle-class war with the Kremlin.


Praying to Putin

FederalPressWorldNewsPutin_0.jpgA recent lecture in Moscow asked, ‘Will Putin become God through grace?'


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