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About Anna Calori

Anna Calori is a PhD student of Contemporary History at the University of Exeter, where she's part of the project "1989 after 1989 - Rethinking the Fall of State Socialism in Global Perspective". She's currently researching on privatisation, economic reforms and workers' activism in the former Yugoslavia.

Articles by Anna Calori

This week’s front page editor


Adam Bychawski is an editorial assistant at openDemocracy.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Celebrating labour day in the red city – Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"“I don’t think older people are nostalgic about the socialist past. I can see that the life was better in those days..."

From Mare Nostrum to Triton, Europe’s response to the Mediterranean crisis is little more than another budget cut

Europe’s attitude towards this crisis is no longer concerned with the humanitarian aspect, but it’s rather obsessed with the issue of cheap securitisation of its southern borders.

Is there life after the (Bosnian) elections? Poverty as a weapon of mass destruction

The political disenfranchisement and institutionalised corruption in Bosnia is causing a never-ending cycle of poverty and hopelessness.

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