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About Anna Morvern

Anna Morvern has a languages degree from Oxford University and an MA in human rights from Essex University. She trained as a human rights lawyer in the UK, working in London, Belfast and Derry for over ten years, representing migrants, especially refugees, victims of domestic violence and survivors of torture, at all levels of the court system. As an activist, Anna has campaigned against immigration detention and for migrant rights and, in 2015, coordinated a solidarity group in County Down shipping aid to the French ‘Jungle’ as part of Ireland Calais Refugee Solidarity. Anna has acted as an international trial observer for Amnesty International and tutored law with the Open University.

Articles by Anna Morvern

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The ‘refugee crisis’ in the Mediterranean: the role of EU states, civil society and art

As the EU turns away from international human rights commitments, asserting border controls at almost any cost including that to humanitarian activists, what role can art play?

We must oppose the cruelty of Northern Ireland's new detention centre

The opening of the first purpose-built immigration detention centre in Northern Ireland this month, is a sad day as it will expand the detention estate once again. But we can resist the simultaneous expansion of our own mental barriers against human equality and freedom, by denying the necessity and normality of yet another detention facility.

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