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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

My 350 on BREXIT: I feel like I have lost hope

"Even the creeping steps toward fascism were taken by city boys like Farage and Tories like Carswell. This is different. The public did this."

The securitisation of dissent and the spectre of Gezi

At the weekend police fired teargas at demonstrators in Istanbul, attempting to enter Taksim Square to mark the anniversary of the Gezi Park protests—another battle in the struggle for rights and freedoms in Turkey

Britain, Turkey and trading human rights for 'counter-terrorism'

openSecurity was inspired by a 2005 conference in Madrid on the anniversary of the Atocha station bombings, marked by consensus that 'counter-terrorism' measures had to be consistent with human rights and the rule of law. The UK was hardly represented at the event—and its performance since resembles a state whose human-rights record is ill-starred: Turkey.

Times of hope and despair: lessons of democracy from Gezi resistance

The latest developments translate as the end of justice and legality as we know it. What we are experiencing is a ‘state of exception’ par excellence, in Agamben’s terms, as the rhetoric of ‘necessity’ is creating a ‘space devoid of law’.

“Committing a protest”: The Charing Cross arrests

The following is an anonymous personal account of the arrests of ten activists yesterday morning in London during the royal wedding for "committing a protest".
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