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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

OPINION: We need to talk about racism in the aid sector

Casual racism, implicit bias and jobs offered over beer. Two humanitarian workers reveal the ugly side of the international aid sector.

Tokyo's 'Black Box' exhibition creates a stir

A playful and record-breaking exhibition in Tokyo's Roppongi district raises questions about interplays between identity, anonymity, online life – and hype.

Who's keeping a lid on "priceless" whistleblower information in our health system - and why?

NHS and social care watchdog the CQC appears to be ignoring or even suppressing information from whistleblowers - and failing to protect staff who speak out.

How group therapy taught me to survive oppression

There is no guide to how to discuss your most painful experiences with strangers. Group therapy becomes a microcosm of the world.

Dear patient - why your care is getting shattered, not more 'joined up'

Healthcare is fragmenting as a result of changes ministers claim promote 'joined up care', finds a frustrated NHS worker.

HIV, homophobia and historical regression: where next for Uganda?

President Yoweri Museveni was once globally admired for mobilising an HIV response in Uganda founded upon compassion and shared responsibility. So what happened? We need to look back in time in order to comprehend the devastating scale of Uganda’s backslide in HIV prevention, care and support

The NHS - my part in its downfall

I have broken the NHS in to digestible bits ripe for being eaten up by private companies, confesses an NHS clinician. 

Forced marriage to rapists: the death of Amina El Filali

For years, human rights and women's organizations have been demanding reform of Article 475 of the Moroccan Penal Code which allows rapists to escape punishment if they marry their victim. It is time to break the wall of silence about these archaic customs.

موت أمينة الفيلالي: قصة الزواج من مغتصب

لعدة سنوات ’ طالبت منضمات حقوقية و جمعيات نسائية لتعديل المادة 475 من القانون الجنائي المغربي الذي يعفي المغتصب من العقاب عند زواجه من الضحية. حان الوقت لتغيير هذا القانون الغير المنصف للمرأة و كسر جدار الصمت حول أعراف أصبحت من ضرب الماضي

New pope Tawadros on the horns of a dilemma

The newly chosen pope of Egypt’s Coptic Christians assumes his leadership in a country ruled by the first Islamist regime in modern history. Is it possible to fulfil the challenge of integrating the Christian community in the political and public sphere without becoming involved in politics?

Jalila Khamis: the high price of courage

"My children's life turned to hell for the past 9 months, they refused to celebrate the Eid, it is the second one without me" - Jalila Khamis, held in detention in Umdorman, Sudan

We Are Fed Up! The power of a new generation of Sudanese youth activists

The recent protests in Sudan attest to the rise of a new generation of Sudanese youth activists. At the heart of this emerging political force is Girifna, a youth-led movement which has been using internet power, confrontational street tactics, and advocacy to stand up to the regime of Omar al-Bashir.

Profiting from confusion: a management consultant's view of the NHS

A management consultant working in healthcare speaks out on what can be a cynical profession, thriving on the fear and uncertainty of clients. He forecasts a worrying future in which consultants play a central role as the NHS prepares itself for radical reforms.

Terror strikes at Malawi's democratic protesters

In August, Stuart Weir wrote of the Malawi government crackdown on the July protesters. Here, one of the participants in the protest movement reports on what has happened since in this terror campaign of murder, arson, beatings and oppression. He vividly describes the difficulties of holding the protest movement together, and the weak response of the UNDP and influential donor community to the crisis.

Will the spirit of spring come to cyberspace?

Anonymous and LulzSec represent a real change in the politics of cyberspace. The networked power at the hands of the hackers may show itself to be the equal of people power on the streets

Saving Sakineh

This is a tragedy that belongs to modern powerplay and the current moment, and that calls for a much more thoughtful response from outside observers

An unfortunate accident: violence in Ahmadinejad’s Iran

In the wake of the contested Iranian election, Ahmadinejad's regime is seeking to silence political dissent through coercion and arbitrary imprisonment - where men as well as women are vulnerable to rape and torture. Women's organizations have actively campaigned against such violence, but analysis of post-election violence must not look at abuse of women in isolation. Instead, it must highlight the way that difference – whether it be political opinion, religion, sexuality, or gender – is being persecuted in Ahmadinejad's Iran.

Berlusconi and Blair: an open letter to Anthony Barnett

The public embrace between the prime ministers of Italy and Britain fills this Italian free market conservative with despair. For, he writes to the editor of openDemocracy, Silvio Berlusconi is leading Italy down a dangerous path, and one that has closed a historic opportunity - for the country to become normal.
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