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About Antonis Vradis

Antonis Vradis is based at Durham University's Geography department. He is also part of the collective project The City at the Time of Crisis, a member of the Occupied London collective, Alternatives Editor of the journal CITY and a member of the Transcapes Collective.

Articles by Antonis Vradis

This week's editor

En Liang Khong

En Liang Khong is openDemocracy’s assistant editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Upside down Athens

The transformation of Victoria Square in Athens is emblematic of the new model of top-down control of populations that Europe is moving towards.

A negotiation, a betrayal and an endless summer

As Syriza capitulates to the creditors' demands, the question on everyone's lips is: will fear and resignation now preside? I hardly think so.

Why I will be voting NO in Sunday's Greek referendum

In its essence, Sunday's question is one of dignity and our lives from this point on.

Villa Autódromo’s story fails to shock - and that is what is truly shocking

Focus in Brazilian media has turned recently to the community of Villa Autódromo and its impending eviction to give way to Olympic constructions ahead of the Games next year. So nothing new here, then.

Brazil: the nonchalant protester?

With Brazil on the brink of recession, it's not hard to compare the country's looming financial collapse with that of Greece, as the country is following in Greece’s pre-crisis footsteps in quite a few ways. From openDemocracy.

The other, dark winner of the Greek elections

Why is nobody talking about Golden Dawn coming a sensational third in the Greek elections?

Syriza won't save you

Will Syriza really dismantle the status quo in Greece?

A crisis of presence: the war on Greek cities

The closure of official channels of debate and establishment of migrant detention camps in Athens, has been the capstone to a long process of turning people against the most vulnerable populations in cities and, by extension, against all that urban culture stands for.


A short film exploring emerging social tensions within Athens' public spaces (8 mins).

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