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About Armine Ishkanian

Armine Ishkanian is Associate Professor at the London School of Economics. She has expertise in civil society, democratisation, gender, and development in the post-socialist countries of the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Articles by Armine Ishkanian

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A revolution of values: freedom, responsibility and courage in Armenia's Velvet Revolution

Armenia's emerging revolution isn't about geopolitics or foreign relations, but values. 

Speaking truth to power is dangerous: the violence perpetrated against Armenian political activists

The women’s protest became dangerous and a threat to the status quo when they questioned and criticized these men’s ability to fulfil their "proper" role. հայերեն 

Team Syntegrity 2017: edging towards a more liveable world

Is it really enough to ‘like’, ‘follow’, and ‘retweet’ each other’s posts and updates? Or do we need something more – co-produced meeting points and collaborative projects in our real/daily lives?  

Heated debates around domestic violence in Armenia

Civil society includes many NGOs that are not only conservative but are financed by Russia, and seem to be on a mission to impede Armenia from any rapprochement with Europe.  Interview.

From civil disobedience to armed violence: political developments in Armenia

On Sunday, an armed group seized a Yerevan police station. Their claims have chimed with recent civic initiatives, and reveal how the marginalisation of activism can help fuel the search for more extreme methods. EspañolPortuguês

Neoliberalism, mining and Armenia's politics of plunder

The resurgence of fighting with Azerbaijan could hinder progressive mobilisation in Armenia, but recent environmental initiatives reveal the appetite for resistance to the economy of extraction.

Time for a reckoning: NGOs, public trust and democracy

Accountability practices, intended to increase trust in NGOs, can lead to a narrow focus on projects at the expense of engaging in wider campaigning for social transformation. 

Surreptitious symbiosis: the relationship between NGO’s and movement activists

For now, thanks to surreptitious symbiosis, it is possible to do sustained activism to bring about social change, without becoming part of a ‘civil society industry’.  From the Squares and Beyond partnership.

Moving beyond the squares: anticipating the debate

On July 3-4, the LSE will jointly host a seminar with openDemocracy on the impact of the movements in the squares from 2011 onwards. Do they contribute to the democratic renewal of our democracies and if so how? A conversation.

Self-determined citizens? A new wave of civic activism in Armenia

‘When people on the street approached us and asked, “What NGO are you from?” We replied, “We are not from any NGO. We are citizens of the Republic of Armenia."’

Liberation technology: dreams, politics, history

The doctrinal commitment to new cyber and social technologies as a means of solving political problems needs to learn from the past and take a more realistic view, says Armine Ishkanian.

Democracy contested: Armenia’s fifth presidential elections

A disputed election followed by mass protest has created a political crisis in another post-Soviet state. But the arrival of new technologies and a younger generation signal a new chapter rather than a rerun, says Armine Ishkanian.

Nashi: Russia’s youth counter-movement

Russia's young people are mobilising in a campaign to advance the Kremlin's vision of "sovereign democracy", finds Armine Ishkanian.

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